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What’s Inside

Week 1

Understanding TDD

This week lays the foundations, covering the fundamentals of TDD and creating your personal TDD experience profile.

Week 2

Testing For Purpose

We introduce the strategy of Testing For Purpose as a way to train the right mindset and approach to testing, and introduce your first coding exercise.

Week 3

Action Week

This week is all about you completing your TDD exercise with direct code review feedback from me as you progress.

Week 4

Refactoring with TDD

This week covers refactoring, and shows how the right test approach can make this much easier to do quickly and confidently.

Week 5

Deliberate Testing

In this week, we introduce different types and levels of tests and demonstrate a way for you to make your test approach consistently rock solid.

Week 6

Implementing TDD

In this final week, we put everything together that we have covered in the course and provide you with the tools and advanced techniques you need for TDD success.


Join now with a risk free 30 day guarantee* for only $397

What our students say

Mike Caisey professional software developer

This course helped me understand the patterns of testing in a different way to the norm, remarkably different to the courses I usually see in the industry.

No longer do my tests cause more of a hinderance than help and I’m now enjoying more robust software as a result.

Once you’ve completed the course you will be able to define clear and specific contexts that test your software and write those tests from the perspective of behaviour instead of coupling them to the implementation.


What programming languages are used in this course?

Where we show code, we show both Java and JavaScript versions.
For the practical exercises, use any language you want.
It’s the principles that are important, not the choice of language.

How does the 30 day guarantee work?

It’s simple. If during the first 30 days of the course, you don’t feel that it’s for you, then let me know.

I will get on a call with you to take a look at your assignments, work out what parts aren’t working for you.
Hopefully I can help you get unstuck so you can progress with the course.

But, if you’ve done the work, and it’s still not for you, I’ll give you a full refund without question.


Join now with a risk free 30 day guarantee* for only $397

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